Much better prints when printing a .tsk File (Task)

<p>Hey,</p><p>like everyone knows, it is possible in UPStudio to slice a STL model an save it as .tsk (Task) File, which can be loaded into UPStudio afterwards and then sent to the printer.</p><p>For any reason the slicing algorithm seems to be different in contrast to the normal print procedure and results in a much better print quality for me (Less blobs)! Furthermore, the print can be peeled of from the raft absolute perfectly! I also believe it uses slightly different speed settings.</p><p>But there is something strange with the preview calculation of the used filament weight. When printing an .tsk file, UPStudio forecasts a much higher use of filament (20-30% more filament)!</p><p>My question is, which settings are used when printing a tsk file? I think the filament properties, which I defined with the MatDef.exe tool, will be manipulated? Will it use the calibration settings like bed level and vertical calibration, when printing a .tsk file?</p><p>It would be interesting, if someone of the development team can explain the difference.</p>

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