Mounting heated bed

hi everyone. 

Do you have tried to mount the heated bed ? (If you have it!!)

This one heat. But print never stick in it....

Even with raft... after 3 or 4 layers, raft unstick....

We may have to put the coated bed upon the heated bed?

But what screws do I need? I don't have it....

Other idea?


The heated bed needs a cover on it, you can use buildtak or something similar or just painters tape if you want.  I use the printinz and it works well.

Or you can put coated bed on top of heated one, works perfectly.


That's what I do. 

(With rubber band for oven cooking!)

But I loose 1cm at each side. 

I want to use screws. 

What size do you use?



I'm now using the normal coated bed on top of the heated bed. You do need longer screws to fix this. I tried to use other methods of adhesion, but found the original coated bed to be much better. I bought a set of 10mm length M3 screws at the local DIY shop.



M3 x12 are better. 

Tried 10 ones but unscrew after few printed parts removing....

Great info.  Thanks guys.