Motion System Error

Bradfreeride 2017-5-24 03:30 edit

I keep getting Motion System Error every few times I initialize my printer. The Z axis will find its end stop then when the bed is going to its end stop it will stop about 20mm before it hits the switch and the Cetus software will say Motion System Error. After pressing the initilize button on the printer again it will run through the procedure again and complete the intialization.

So far it has only had this error while initilizing. I have not been able to find anything that is dragging or stopping the plate that might cause the error. I am also using Cetus software, so it's not an incorrect G code.

Is a cable hitting an endstop micro switch maybe? 

It doesn't look like there are any cables, or print debris touching any of the endstop switches. I'll keep watching it to make sure nothing contacts the end stops except for the part that is supposed to.

So it could be the X endstop is not working properly, please send an email to we will provide asistance.