Motion System Error on my printer

vampiredoge 2017-5-21 06:42 edit

hi all I have had my cetus for a little over a month now and am running into some issues here is a list of them

  1. whenever I print something the extruder starts to drag on the plastic it has already printed and will suddenly stop

  2. I can't print with wood or flexible.

  3. some times it stops halfway trough the print because the extruder gear starts clicking, yes I have checked the gear and it is clean.

One other thing what does the black and red cable do on the printer


The wire..

The other things - you need to be far more specific to get a diagnosis. What nozzle, what settings for printing, what version of the software, all that stuff.

Clicking may be due to filament feed issues - either the filament is not feeding freely or is being fed too fast for the extruder head.

You are a member of the Cetus3d users facebook group? It's probably more responsive than the forum.

If you hear clicking sound, the nozzle is likely blocked or partially blocked. You may try clean it with the needle we provide in the package, push it through the nozzle from above when the nozzle heat up.