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We've got 13 of our 15 Cetus printers up and running quite smoothly so far and we're cranking out student projects for our school like crazy.  Here's a short video of them running.  Very little down time on each printer.  We're having a couple of minor issues so far.  First issue, we're unable to "see" two of the printers in the software.  We're working on narrowing it down, and it might just be a usb hub issue.

Another issue that gets resolved after a reboot is that one of our printers occasionally shows up with a big ? with some chinese character underneath it and is unable to connect.  Our last grevience is the fact that the motors stay quite hot after we set them printing over night as they stay in the up position after finishing; is there a way to have the printers turn off when they're done printing?

Overall though, we are madly impressed with the Cetus and have been impressing local professionals as well!

JasonWu 2017-5-26 09:57 edit

Hello !

This is awesome, we should setup something like that in our office!

really glad to see the machines are working well !

Here is a screen capture of the video share in this post



What is this?

Screen Shot.png

@alaarman if you use a g-code to print, you can include M81 in your end g-code to turn off power to the motors and bed. Looks like you're set up w/ Udo's Z-axis security solution, so the nozzle won't come crashing down.

@Jason perhaps allow for turning off the motors at end of print for those of us who have a balancer / automatic Z-axis security solution?

@pauland I believe that's Udo's Z-axis security hook:

@alaarman an alternative to consider would be Maddie's balancing solution: