Model Wizard 2.4


I have a Inspire D290 for a few days now.
It was not easy to get it working, but now it works fine.

The software that I use is Model Wizard.
I’m wondering if you can change the temperature of both nozzles.
In the GUI of the software is there no possibility.
The nozzle for the material is 260 gr Celcius, the nozzle for the support material is fixed on 230 gr Celcius.
This wil be too warm for PLA and other types of filament.

Anyone knows how I can change this?


Not seen that one before, is it a very new model or an old one? The TT website has a “Model Wizerd” page but it seems to be empty…
Owen S.

It’s a 5 year old model.
I’ve tried to use the “Up Studio” software, and he recognize the printer.
But the Inspire D290 doesn’t have a heated bed, but a bed made of plastic blocks with ribbels.
And I couldn’t find a way yet to let the model stick on this.
But in UP Studio, I can add new material to the library, so this is working.


At one point I think the Up software and ModelWizard could be used for both series of printers. The Inspire range has a heated build room, I think the set platform temperature also worked for that at the time (not sure anymore). The ribbed platform also keeps the raft in place when calibrated well but it wasn’t ideal. We made aftermarket polycarbonate strips that were pretty much indestructible :slight_smile: