Modding cetus with open source board?


Can anyone tell me how feasible it would be to swap out the board on a cetus (mk2 or mk3) with something open source that features trinamics?

I have experience with steppers and drivers from building plotter machines but no experience with 3d printers. I’m comfortable with soldering new connectors etc. I assume it’s fairly trivial to physically wire up the cetus’s steppers to new drivers but I have no idea about hot end / firmware profiles / heated bed? / any other 3D printer specific stuff I’m unaware of.

Any help very appreciated!

if you know all the settings of the motors it helps a lot. check out Youtube. I know of two guys already in progress with something you aim for. Other way is to use the tinyfab upgrade cpu.

@arcadeperfect, two ways to customize the Cetus with Trinamic drivers -

  1. Intercept the signals from the CPU and feed it into the drivers. This has been done using TMC 2208 and the detailed post is in this forum.

  2. replace the motherboard and CPU daughterboard with another board that use, or where you can plug Trinamic drivers.