Mk3 supports issue?

hey so i just got a mk3. iv had a mk1 for awhile and haven’t had many issues with it but the mk3 has been nothing but issues -.-

my prints are coming out great but rafts and supports are impossible to remove iv checked the bed level
i tried the “easy peel” but that didn’t do anything is there something different in the firmware between the mk3 and the mk1?

printing in PLA with tiertimes pla and settings

more importantly, what is your bed? the stock one or heated bed? I never had a problem with the Mk3 stock bed, but I already stopped printing with a raft unless I absolutely must, as it is a waste of filament.

I have the stock bed which has been giving me issues of it’s self iv been playing with settings but it seems the bed I got maybe bad. the filament seems to be melting in to it and came really rough vs. the stock bed on my mk1 which is smooth. And filament lays on top with out scaring the bed coating. But that’s a separate deal. Iv had issue from the screw heads on prints without the rafts, but I guess I could deal with that the biggest waste of plastic is the supports that won’t come off wrecking Prints I’m not well versed in what all the support settings do. Can I minimize them in some way?

My cheap solution is to have a piece of glass cut by my local hardware. I clip it on top of the stock bed and that allowed me to print without a raft. I don’t even use the 9 point calibration.

You may want to check out my method -