MK2 upgrade to MK3?

Hi all,

I am thinking about purchasing the MK2 to Mk3 upgrade add on pack. I see the reviews are mostly positive. I mainly print PLA, but having a heated bed seems like a good idea.

Does anyone have any feedback on the upgrade kit and the improvements the upgrade made?

Should I purchase the Extruder V2 kit as well?

Any other CETUS upgrades I should add when I place the order

Lastly are there any other upgrades I should make when I do this? I have looked in the forum, but not found many topics. I have read many use a glass bed plate? Are there any flexible beds that allow for easy model removal?

To be honest, I am wondering if I should spend money on this or simply look at something like the Prusa Miniā€¦ any advice appreciated!

Does anyone have any feedback?

Dear All,

Can somebody support?

I would be also interested to UPGRADE my MK2 to MK3 .