MK2 to MK3 Upgrades - Missing Installation Information in Documentation

I updated one of my MK2s this weekend with the MK3 kit from the Tiertime store and found some missing information in the documentation. If you are upgrading a MK2 you may find the attached info handy.

PDF Summary (Highlights):
1- Control Board Install, don’t use the standoffs
2- Power Switch support piece, requires modification
3- LED/Init Switch wire harness requires modification

Another thing I learned regarding the new true touch probe is that at the beginning of the auto level routine when instructed to touch the probe make sure you touch the sensor to the tip of the nozzle otherwise the process will not start. Looks like the sensor needs to be grounded to tip to trigger the sequence.

MK2 to MK3 Upgrade R2.pdf (386.9 KB)

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