Mk2 stepper motor spin problem

Hello people, searching for help desperatly

this is my problem > 9times of 10 my gear on stepping motor just refuse to spin. No torque at all,

with or without filament,i have v1 unit.

It works only occasionally in maintence mode and i don`t know what to do.

For print a part i must kinda praying and hopeing that all goes perfectly.

I tried to remove ,clean, change PLA filament,change nozzles from 0,6 to 0,4 to 0,6

Nothing,as i said before it just does not spin.

It has written on TYPE 17HD0415-05 60563868 15/12/11 (where i hope 2011 is not the expire date ,since i saw other pieces with 2020, and i have cetus mk2 for 3years maybe now)

I have been looking forward to replace stepper motor to see if it would spin >>>> i`d have motherboard or cable problem?

1st time cetus supportd answered “It can be motherboard,or cable ,or extruder.Try to replace them to see where the problem stays…”

Extruder unit costs about 89euro plus taxes and shipping.I was trying to find only this Special Stepper motor at lower price…

Spending so much money on piece with a risk it does not even help.Was even considering to buy another 3Dprinter

Any ideas? much appreciaed

Stepper motor driver maybe died I have similar poeblem will be reaoldering driver

for me it was a broken ribbon cable… .