Minor bug, printer thinks it has done 400 Kg... Actually, make that Major bug

OK, so having problems with a roll of new plastic, open up a brand new pack, stick it in, and get ready to print. Try to print, tells me it’s out of filament ( That was quick ! It thinks I got through 1 Kg of plastic in a night. )

Look at the maintenance, discover why I have “no filament” within 20 minutes of refill.

Because I have printed FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN KILOGRAMS in my UP300 printer…

Hang on a minute… I only bought it six months ago. That means I’ve been printing THREE ONE KILO ROLLS PER DAY…

Except that I haven’t. This latest firmware is destroying my printer value - I’ve printed about 2 to 3 kilograms on it - Not 400 kg. This will absolutely destroy any resale value.

How do I reset this counter back to something realistic (eg, 2 to 3 kg ) and why does it keep deleting the filament already in there ? Major firmware bug here. Please help -


This morning, by weight is back from 1000g to 0g ( so I can’t print ) and my History is 88.081 Kg.

Something is randomly overwriting this value on each powerup.

And, of course, I have no way of knowing how much plastic I have used from the current roll :frowning:

Hi David,

Sorry for the problem, the software team is looking into this bug now.

Another thing worth looking at presuming what I describe is still true. The filament weight would always be deducted from the total as soon as the print started. So if the print was aborted the total was immediately wrong and would prevent a fresh print from starting. Same situation if the printer jams and air prints.

This is yet another reason why the extruder needs an encoder to tell if filament is being dispensed. The “filament detection” micro-switch isn’t good enough on machines that cost this much.

I quickly gave up on up’s filament weighing and just set the number as high as it would accept, to prevent the nag screen, and thent physically weigh the spool before starting a print. :man_shrugging:

Cheers, Owen S.

For the fault on filament weight in software, Take a try for latest version touchscreen 1.4.8 on UP300/Mini2ES, And use UP Studio , To see if it will be back to normal.

Seems to be OK now - Displaying more reasonable values round 2Kg used and shows spool usage now.

Thanks - :slight_smile:

That’s great, You are welcome.

Nice job. It’s great to see customers ad TT talking and fixing problems. Good.

Owen S.