Material Motor skips and doesnt feed

Recently I have updated my UP300 touchscreen firmware. I have made multiple prints with no issue, but now no matter which extruder I use it will not feed the material. It makes a sound like the motor just skips along the material and can’t push it. I have taken off the tips thinking they may be blocked, but it still does it. Any suggestions or known issues with the update recently?

could be blocked at upper section, disassemble to the extruder and check. If block at the heater block, you may need to heat up the block to remove the clog.

HI, I am interested to know when you upgraded your firmware and what was the last firmware?
Can you let the form know how you get on please as I have seen a similar problem, extruder jamming with Tiertime material, even happened on a brand new extruder first print 5 hours into a print…

Hmm, after reading several other posts online I am beginning to believe that it is a filament issue… which is a shame as I have another 5 reels of TT ABS.

Running a 1kg of 3rd party in the machine at the moment, don’t want to hex it but appears ok so far (exception internal usb error - The main thread blocked - but that is not part of this issue). Maybe I comment too early. Ill update as I know more.