Many Problems with my new Cetus

Hello Guys,

i have a couple of problems with my Cetus. It arrived 2 weeks ago and all start with the calibration. I do it like the manual shows, with a Paper, and check the level 3 times. So i start my first print and the nozzle press the PLA right into my Plate... Ok i calibrate again and this time i use a little bit thicker buiseness Card. Start print, quality was really aweseome for a Printer out of the Box. Next Prints gets little bigger and the problems start again. While printing the raft the extruder ploping and bumping, the nozzle travels over the Lines and hit them, every time i print a Raft. I was so frustratet the i call the Support, no answer since over one week. Two of my silicone nozzle caps are damaged so only one left. This weekend i give them another try, i dissasamble the Y and Z axis check the alligement and do alot of fine tuning, at the end i have an Calibration of 0.3 from left to right corner deepest and highest point, i get no better result. Next i try the offset, i figure out that i need a -0.4 offset for printing a raft, no ploping and bumping, a couple of times i hear the nozzle hit the print but at this point all works fine.

I ordered thw whole package with the Expansion Board and the new Heating Plate. So today i want try them out and first i mount the Extension Board. But what a surprise, dont work. The End Switches wont work anymore, if use the old small board all fine, the extension board wont work. I test the pins and the Extension Board has different wireing on the Board as the old one, on the old board are all pins seperate, on the extension board two from the pins are grounded to the whole board the rest seperate so cannot work. But it is no Problem to use the old board and the new one, it works. So i install the Heating Plate, works fine, start the first Print and nothing sticks to the new print plate that come with the heating plate!?! WTF

I think i throw the whole thing in the corner....


Regards from Germany


Hi Tfull,

what version of the Cetus do you own? Is it the MK3 or still the old MK2?

Usually if you print rafts the nozzle needs a little bit more distance. You can adjust this in the print settings with the offset or you go to calibration and change the Z-distance there a little bit.