Major Issues Y axis is stuck below vertical shaft

I just unboxed and set up my printer and realized 

that the Y axis gets stuck below the vertical shaft

when this happens, the motor makes clicking noise unless i 

manually reach my hands there and get it to unstuck



Also, the printed object that is suppose to move Y axis

is small and sometimes slips under shaft




I can fix this but it will require some time and patiance

If anybody has had this issue with a simple way of fixing it i'd like to know, please.

for fuck sakes, how or why does this happen ??

if the printer had electrical problem, i'd understand

but these are parts!! how can someone just take some random part and shove it on

there. aren't everything measured precisely ??

That's because that piece is damaged.

It was broken in transit - it should be all one piece. Mine arrived the same way. I was expecting them to have better packaging by now, but it appears they haven't improved it.

If you have a soldering iron, you can use it and some of the sample filament to weld the two parts together.

I posted about the same problem way back in Feb. The forum search engine is weak, but if you search for 'but damaged' (without the quotes) you should see what I did to fix the problem.


Sorry about this, please send an email to We will provide the necessary fix ASAP.

Just received my machine, same problem.  I've glued it back together for now, but it's disappointing to receive a new machine just to find a rather critical part broken :(

I'll email support for a replacement.

If you've got it glued back together to working condition, you should be able to print out that part, here's the parts collection: