Mac Software bugs?

Seems to be quite buggy.

I get a messages during calibration that the printer can't do commands due to a "print job already in progress...". which is not the case.

In regards to printing, after calibration (worked after 10 tries with restarting the software and rebooting the printer), I can extrude filament with the maintanance tool, but once i load a model, set the parameter (layer thickness, infill, ...) the PRINT button is greyed out, I can click preview but this just closes the dialogue box and nothing else happenes. 

Can anyone please tell me step by step how to get a print on Mac (ps I'm using USB connection, just to rule out network issues).

thanks, volker

I use two different Macs and have had few problems -- a late 2009 iMac running Sierra 10.12.6 and an early 2016 Macbook running 10.13.2. The old iMac sometimes does experience graphics issues and does not display the print bed so I use the Macbook more often. The procedure is as follows:   1) Fire up the the Cetus 3D software  - mine is version 2.2.0.   2) Turn on the Cetus printer (I have a Mark II).  Optionally use the front rocker switch on the Cetus to initiallize the printer.  3) Use the settings menu -> Printer to find the printer using WiFi.  Click on the printer silloutte to establish communication and get a red circle with check-mark .  Hit the top-right X to exit the menu.  4) Click on print. If the printer has not been initiallized previously from the front switch it can be intiallized from the menu.  5) Hit the big + to add an .STL file to the build plate. Use the controls to orient and position the object.  6) Click on the nozzle icon for print.  Typically layer thickness is 0.2mm, infill is 80%, quality is normal, nozzle offset is 0.  Unsolid model is checked. No Raft and No Support should not be checked unless you are certain they are not needed. The Print button should not be grayed out if two conditions are met - printer has been intiallized and communication is still established.   7) The software will complete the slicing, then send the result to the printer.  8) A notification regarding the print-time and amount of material will appear. Click OK.  At this point the printer is on its own - you should see the nozzle getting hotter and hear a beep at the start of printing.

Thank you for the quick summary!