Load issue with the gear in the feeder from PLA to nozzle

I had the recent issue of my printer not pulling the filiment through the nozzle. I checked the reels of pla and there is not any tangles. it appears that the gear isnt catching the pla. Is there any way to make the gear tighter or buy a new gear.

There is a mod for that 


But before doing it, check that your nozzle is trully clean, extrude your fillement and clean it with a needle. 

I have the same problem. @maslow the mod won’t work for me: “not compatible with the latest version with spring.”. There should be a way to indeed make the gear tighter.

I have the same issue, when I look at feeder from the TOP I see there is a small gap so the filament slides down from gear :confused:
We need a narrower feeder, or made from metal so it will not melt on sides…

having the same issue, all of the sudden a print failed mid print, which is very odd for this printer. After that the gear just current catch the pla filament with enough pressure. The nozzle seems fine since i can push down the filament a bit with my hand and it extrudes fine. When i load the filament now i can pull it back out with not much effort. Seems like the gear worn down?

Cetus support team needs to address this i haven’t had my printer for even a month and im already out with no way to print.

I looked closely and it seems to me that the gear receded, and it’s not longer aligned with the filament.

Support has been awful, the live chat is just “support theater” (I kept it open and sending messages for more than 48 hours), and after heavy insistence via email they finally responded with some questions, I answered them all and a week later they told me they would send a new extruder head. That was two weeks ago and haven’t received any extruder nor contestation to my multiple further emails.

It’s so sad that such a great product has this total lack of support.

I think now that they made this forum just for us to talk about our problems but not for them to resolve. I have posted a few things and no post reply from Cetus?