Linux version

Hi, I love my Cetus, but I hate Windows, so I use a Windows virtual machine inside Linux.
It works ok, but it is far from an ideal solution.
And I don’t think I’m the only one in this situation, the 3D Printing community is rooted in open source.
I even think that you’ve lost a lot a customers who use linux.
So please release a Linux version of your software.
Or even better, release your source code as open source and let the community do it !
Or even better better, enable your printer to negatively work with G-code !!

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<p>join me in the opinion of rcmz</p>

<p>I agree with everything rcmz said! Linux would be an amazing option.</p><p>But if there is only enough time to work on one thing, make it use native G-code. Or just publish the API for the Cetus3D control functions and the community will do it for you!</p><p> </p>

That would be great, I am also interrested in

<p>Why still no linux version?</p><p>It’s been for ever now, I’ll have to install a VM to use the printer at work, that’s ridiculous.</p>