Level calibration and nozzle height : How does it works?

Hi guys,

Could you tell us how does the level calibration works on X5 ?

X5 does check all nine points before printing and does it for all new board an print.

I did a manual calibration and set up nozzle height (with screws) to work at, let say 212 for instance then I ran autolevel. Autolevel did a better job on 9 points but find a 212.45 nozzle height. So I entered on studio, a -0.4 nozzle offset. It seemed to work for the first print then fail for the next one.

So what did I miss ?

Do not use manual offset on the 9 point values, because the initial values are used to calculate the nozzle heights for the upcoming print jobs. If you manually alter the value, then the upcoming values measured by machine will not reflect the actual value.