Layer height sets to 0.01 in macos latest

Hello, I believe i found a bug in SODA.
When i try to change the height setting or maximum height or ratio in quality setting ( in expert mode) the setting gets to 0.01 (the minimum value) when i hit ok.

It can’t be a normal behaviour right?
My version:


You may try use a different input method, for change from local language to Eng.

thanks, already in english in the preferences.
I tried, hitting return, and also clicking the apply…

I found the problem.
In France (where i live) the decimal separator is a , instead of the . So if i change the value and use the , instead of the . (what is shown in soda) it works, the change is taken as it should.

So i believe this is just a problem of environmental properties. Soda is not taking them into account.

It’s not a big issue but it should be probably mentionned. Agreed?

Thanks for the help.