Lack of documentation

Now I have finally got my Cetus2, I want to start printing but it does not recognise PETG. Time to read the manual…what manual? After half an hour I still can not find any details on the format of .tsk file for filament definition. This should be straight forward.

The printer without a simple to read manual is just rubbish.

When will the manual be released?

Cellivar has kindly posted a guide to custom materials on GitHub.
I would like to second the request for an easy to read manual on Up Studio 3.
Also, I have taken delivery of my lovely and long waited for Cetus 2. I think I have a problem with the number 1filament detection, or it could be something I am doing wrong. I have tried playing around with the settings on the touchscreen (home, print, gear symbol) but I haven’t a clue what ratio or mat + or - is referring to. If anyone (hint hint Jason) could explain I would be grateful.

Don’t know what ratio means yet. Apparently the material +/- buttons during a print adjust the print temperature, I need to validate this claim before I go and write it up.

I’ve been taking notes on the printer and the software as I figure things out. I agree, the lack of a manual and incomplete website docs has been a bit frustrating.

@Spiacente you might want to take a look at the materials guide there again, I’ve discovered an easier workflow for custom materials.

There doesn’t appear to be any public docs on the proprietary TSK and TSG file formats.

Just an update, I’ve confirmed that the Mat1 and Mat2 buttons do control the extruder temperature during the print.

Still don’t know for certain what the ratio setting does and what the up/down buttons below the ratio button do.