Joggle error



Some days ago I started noticing some strange problems. Suddenly the printer stopped during printing and in the upstudio apeared the mesaage: “joggle error”. I can continue the printing but its very annonying.


Anyone noticed this problem?

<p>I’ve also had this problem - I was printing a large part and first had an “SD card read error”. I then tried to save the print by continuing from where it left off after re-initialising but this resulted in a ‘Joggle error’.</p><p>It’s concerning that the hot end stays at its extrusion temperature when this happens - I would expect the heater to turn off for safety reasons.</p><p>Zarmath - are you still having this issue?</p>

I just got a Joggle Error while trying to print a seamless vase cylinder. It seems to me that the Z steps being too small were what caused the problem.\