JOG Command Error [1509] Error: Printer NOT Printing

just recently upgraded touch screen code to v2.4.1 on both our UP300’s and all of a sudden I am getting
*JOG Command Error *
*[1509] Error: Printer *
NOT Printing
the printers just randomly stop what they were printing (in different places each time) and then just sits there with this error on their screens…
is this some new feature of the Touch Screen v2.4.1 code?
model prints fine on our UPBox+ (running original firmware from way back whenever)… and printed just fine on the up300’s before the firmware update

Not sure if it is any help but I was also getting the JOG command error, in the same way running v2.4.1
I have changed a number of things and seem to no longer be getting the problem.
I changed-
Client software on my computer to the UPStudio 3.2.7 beta and am using the Wand software.
I reset the machine in the information menu and also have applied a small amount of graphite to the spindle that the filament spool sits on as I noticed it was quite judders and not smooth when feeding filament, as if there was a lot of force needed to rotate the filament spool.
So far I have now run the machine for 5 days without the JOG error so am keeping my fingers crossed!

I have exactly the same issue on my UP 300. Also upgraded to the lastest Touchscreen Version. I‘ll try the reset tomorrow. I also noticed that it Prints the line to Prime the nozzle after completing the First Layer, Not before, like it normally did before. Also my UP Box is Printing Fine with the exact Same Settings.

Updated to 2.4.2. Still have the weird behaviour that it Prints the Prime line After completing the whole First Layer, Not before. Did Not have a JOG error though.

Edit: when Printing with latest up Studio 2. i don‘t really like printing with up Studio 3