Issues with UpBox upgrade to WIFI CPU

Hi all,
I was so excited when I heard about the upgrade that I bought it straight away. I installed it and it worked like a charm over WIFI. I haven’t used my printer for a while and tried to start it up but I cannot get upstudio to even see the printer over USB.

Windows recognises it as a UPBOX+ (Win 10 64 bit) but in UPstudio it says no printer is connected. I have reverted to putting my old CPU back in and it works without any issues.

Any ideas?

Windows upgarde may ruin the printer driver, I do not know why, but reinstalling up studio could solve the problem.

Thanks Jason,
Tried that without any luck. Even rolled back to an older version and still nothing. I find it weird that windows finds the printer under devices but up studio does not?

It’s a bit of a hard one to take that I paid for the “upgrade” and now I have had to go back to how it was.

May be you can contact support for a replacment?