Issues with filament or new software?

So I recently tried a new filament but also an old one and my layers are coming out inconsistently. I'm thinking this is the new software (Mac v1.2.1 (36)), but I just wanted to see if anyone else has seen any of the same issues. I have picked 'easy pell' or whatever the easier removal option is, so I also wonder if this is causing the issue. Both are printed with the .4mm nozzle at 'normal' speed and the rest of the layers seem fine-it's only the first layer that seems to have this weird consistency:

Blue is new, grey is old:


I did wonder.  The Hatchbox filament I've been really happy with has started misbehaving on the first proper layer after the raft.

With software updates, starting to print from W10 software and also having printed with Nylon 230 (nozzle contamination?), I do wonder what the cause is.

I don't think it's a filament issue.

I've had the same issues with Cetus original filament on the top layer as well. But only occationally, and especially on curved top layers.

Since updating to the latest Cetus Studio release, I haven't seen this issue though. In turn, I now have clicking noices during the first layer, just as other users have been reporting as well.

It's being speculated, that Cetus in response to the reports of under extrusion, have increased the feed rate slightly in the latest software release, and that this in turn leads to the clicking noice during the first layer, as the extruder is trying to push more filament through than it can.

I'm testing with increasing the height of the print nozzle slightly (I can't increase the temperature, as I already get a some stringing).

I also had those first-layer-after-raft issues using the Cetus software. It must be software related because the issues disappears when printing with Simplify3D. 

I have exactly the same problem on my new Cetus using Cetus Studio. Using my beta test Cetus (R.I.P) and Up Studio some months ago, the bottom surfaces were perfect. It seems they ignored bottom surfaces when testing new profiles.

I'm having the same issue. I just updated the mac version of the Cetus software to version 1.2.1 and ever since I have been getting terrible first layers when printing with a raft. I had a great setup going with my filament that was very reliable, the only thing that changed was updating the Cetus software.

At this point, the Cetus software has become unreliable. If this version can handle g-code without issues, I will be soon switching to Simplify3D.