<p>Ok, first of all something should be seriously done to fix this site and its server so people can successfully </p><p>upload images of issues they’re having. it gets very frustrating when image uploads o gets to 48% or 70% and we get</p><p> says HTTP Error.”</p><p>I dont know if this issue is a bug or not but after some troubleshooting i noticed that the issue is the MKII CPU</p><p>After the last 2 updates some months ago</p><p>I noticed that my Cetus extended MKII extruded more filaments on the upper half of the bed than the lower part </p><p>with a more slower movement.</p><p>If only i could uploads images you’d noticed that my half of the raft is fine while upper half is all gibberish </p><p>when this happens, my model doesn’t stick to the bed</p><p>thus i end up with model half small and lifted </p><p>This went on for a 3 days after i have spent time and filaments </p><p>paying attention to every detail as to what is going on</p><p>Then matters got even worse, the Extended would simply stop during print.</p><p>it will keep extruding but the movement would stop then i will end up with a half printed model</p><p>Now i have 2 defective Cetus 3d printers.</p><p>I decided to swap CPU.</p><p>I inserted my cetus standard CPU to my extended and was able to print without any problems </p><p>except the standard’s model resolution is inferior to the extended MKII.</p><p>Seriously, Is there anyway i can get a MKII CPU replacement ??? is this possible ??</p><p>I really really love these printers when everything is working fine.</p><p>I have been able to get some very good quality prints from my printer until 2 months ago</p><p>This is soo frustrating is painful…</p><p>Is anybody experiencing similar issue with his extended MKII printer !!! :frowning:</p>

Hello if you can see the above the picture, which mean the image upload problem is solved.

For the CPU issue you mentioned, it seems not related to CPU but software version or Platform leveling.

<p>is there the possibility that you upload a video to youtube or share photos on a cloud based storage if it is not working here in the forum? and yes I aggree the forum performance is quite bad.</p><p> </p>