Is the PLA extruder worth it in the Box+?

I’ve been having issues printing PLA with the original extruder in my Box+. I see the PLA extruder which works in the Box. Is it worth spending the money on?

What do or don’t you like about it?


I am the unhappy owner of a dedicated PLA extruder. I paid 180 USD plus shipping/delivery. Anyway, I hoped I could start printing PLA finally. I use Devil Design PLA filament. First 6-7 month the PLA prints were OK. But later I could not print anything with PLA or PETG. Moreover the PTFE damaged inside the metallic column. I changed PTFE but no result. I calibrated automatic and manually the distance between nozzle and board, changed used nozzles with new ones, change temperature, flow rate, but nothing at all. I am fed up with Tiertime products. In my opinion their printers are good when printing ABS and nothing else. Tiertime developed multi volume STUDIO 3 software but do not use same definitions like other manufacturers and do explain their definitions. For sample if you want to know what is Z Hop, you’ll not find in their explanations. POOR AN VERY EXPENSIVE TIERTIME PRODUCTS. DO NOT WORTH IN MY OPINION.