is "Easy to peel" effective?

I have a question.

I check “Easy to peel”. but it seems like not different.

this is the picture. I printed the same data. the left is not check. the right is checked.

what different?the software is UPstudio

ive been wondering the same thing. ABS gives me hell to seperate

you need to feel it by removing the support. the easy peel option basically reduce the peel ratio setting in the material profile, however if the peel ratio for the current profile is already set to minimum then the easy peel will has no effect.

My ABS support just falls away - often I remove it with just my fingers rather than using a tool. It really is easy to get off.

I’m using SUNLU ABS Black. I can post my settings if it helps anyone, but it’s just the basic settings the material recommends. And an UP300

Layer bonding is a little light, but on thicker prints has not been a problem. That’s one problem I haven’t had since getting the UP 300 - ALL of the support stuff just pulls away… TPU, PLA, ABS… It’s like magic. It’s so good, I gave up on wanting a second print head.

Oh yeah, the original question. I can’t figure out anything much different between easy peel and otherwise.

old thread, but yes, to me it makes a world of difference - but different filaments make more of a difference. however i try to leave it of as the surface finish with it on is just not as good.

not surprisingly TT’s own filament are among the easiest to separate, (even with material profiles that are adapted to the other filaments i use.)