Iron PLA Print

Tried a print with Proto-Pasta's magnetic iron PLA. Used the 6 nozzle and a .3mm layer. Printed raftless, no supports and off to one side. Printed easily and with no problems. You can see in the photo where I have started polishing the five side. The single pip was the underside where there is one imperfection, but that should probably sand out. I am going to smooth this out and then rust it - I'll post photos of the results. The 6 nozzle printed so well that I am going to try a used 4, as it will be worn a bit larger.

.iron die 1.jpgiron die 2.jpg

come on, the lil Cetus kan do better! :-)

Speaking about Proto Pasta filaments: great stuff! The compund ones print so seamless as it was just a good PLA.

All the prints printed with a 0.4 nozzle.

The tank was magnetic iron that was rusted after the print no other postprocessing done.

The black cover for the electric door lock was printed with matte fiber filament.

The other parts are printed with stainless steel (except the upper left wich is PLA for comparison) and sanded / brushed with different steps and strength.

All their filaments I tried have been superior in printing easyness and outcome.