Inspire s250 Help needed please

I’ve recently become a teacher in Engineering. I have inherited an old Inspire S250 which no one has any knowedge of.

I would love to get this up and running, but don’t have any software, firmware, manuals etc. All I’ve managed to do is plug it in to the mains, she fires up which is a good start but further help would be much appreciated.


The same question came from somebody with a D290, I have posted a Dropbox link with all kinds of stuff for the Inspire range of printers:

‘‘I have received a few mails with questions about the Inspire range of 3D printers, I have shared a folder with stuff I still had like firmware and of course the ModelWizard software. There is also a calibration STL file that should be described in the manual and an STL file you could print to guide filament into the machine (not necessary) - enjoy! Kind regards, 3DWP’’

It’s been a while since I have printed with one of those printers but I think it is best to keep the oldest firmware I have uploaded, I think the newest had some stringing issues that were never adressed by Tiertime.

So if you get those issues downgrade to a lower firmware version, I have uploaded everything I still had from my time as service technician.

Thank you very much - most helpful :slight_smile:

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No problem, good luck with it!

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Hello again. I have managed to get the software downloaded (UPStudio) and the firmware is set to 5.04.

I’ve Iniitalized the printer, and loaded the test piece then clicked one click print. It says I’m running low on filament when we have 2 full reels, so I ignore that. Then it wont print the part?

To be honest I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know if there is a step by step guide or anything I could be pointed to?

Thank you

Actually, I’ll update that, I can’t get it to play ball on Up Studio so I tried ModelWizard 2.2

I Initialized it, then manually set the height on this on the z axis so I can just move a piece of paper underneath it, then hit Reset to normal, noting how high it had been set (approx 316mm). I then started printing and it found the platter and was printing OK(ish) until the second nozzle fired up and then I got the attached, and now I have no idea quite whats going on. It was meant to be a benchy, which as you can see doesn’t look too happy.

Any ideas on how I can get this sorted? Is it something to do with the support nozzle offset from Nozzle?



Yes, this has to do with the nozzle offset settings. There is a manual in the downloads too. Check the part about calibration - I shared a calibration STL file that is mentioned in the manual. You need to set the printing height for X,Y & Z for both nozzles so the software knows where they are.

You can stop the print when some structures of the calibration file are printed to check the offsets.

Hi Alec.
I have many D290 and S250 and Up printers :slight_smile:
I recommend you to use your S250 in single nozzle printing mode
you can set it from the slice dialog box in modelwizard software.
I agree with “up_3dwp” that you should perform nozzle calibration , but after calibration , you may find other problems during printing double nozzle

good luck