Inspire D290 Tiertime

Hi all,

I’ve recently bought a Inspire D290 (from the year 2013).
I couldn’t verify if the machine was still working because I don’t have the drivers and software.
I don’t know if I’m in the right forum, but there’s hardly anything to find elsewhere.
My question is, Where can I find drivers, software, … for this machine.
Or can I control the machine by other software?


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Drop me a mail, I still have the software and more for these machines. Nice stuff, when the printer was set up well it was great to work with.

I have received a few mails with questions about the Inspire range of 3D printers, I have shared a folder with stuff I still had like firmware and of course the ModelWizard software. There is also a calibration STL file that should be described in the manual and an STL file you could print to guide filament into the machine (not necessary) - enjoy! Kind regards, 3DWP

I have a chance to grab an used Inspire D290 locally for less than 2000 EUR.
Does it worth that money, and even more important - my time? Or should I stay away from it? Because this is specific device with rather low popularity and very small ecosystem if any. Or it will be a pain in the ass to maintain, supply, configure and use it?
How does it compare with todays latest, most popular 3D printers in similar price range (mean 1000-2000 EUR)? Prints quality, printing speed?
Does supported 3D model files are compatible with most popular today’s ones?
I don’t understant clearly how many types of plastics it can use (different sources shows different variants). The main variants I see are ABS B601 and ABS S301. Are these a specific ones? Or I can use general ABS? What about other plastics?
I intend to use it mostly for my personal needs.
BTW what is general power usage when printing (not peak, but medium)?

I think if you have a bit technical knowledge you can get some nice use out a such a machine. At that time the settings of materials were preset so the temperature for Tiertime ABS was fixed (I believe around 260 or 270 degrees). But people were simply adjusting the resistance so the you could set the temps as needed (for instance lower for other brands of ABS).

The D290 has a large build volume and it’s heated as well so that’s still a nice feature. I do remember the hardware of the printhead for setting the width of the filament path was a bit hard to get right.

Anybody knows how much electricity it consumes on average?
A size and weight of the device scares me too. Does it means more precise 3D prints, more stability, something else? Or it simply means old technology and new devices can reach not worse results with much less size and weight?

hi thanks for sharing files. I have installed model wizard on Windows 7. but my PC can not install printer’s driver. I also found inspire firmware in FMC format but I don’t know what should I do with it. my printer is inspire d290 . how can I install the driver for my 3d printer?


I don’t remember for sure but my guess is the Up printer driver could work so maybe search here or the old forum to find a way to install that.

This link has the drivers available, if it works could you report back so others may find this useful?

I tried the ModelWizard installer and it installs a folder with drivers, maybe that can be used to direct the software to?

–update–> It was confirmed this worked, the installer of ModelWizard will place a folder with the drivers (C:\Program Files (x86)\ModelWizard\Driver)