Initialization noise and vibrations issue (Mk2)

the print head scrapped on the previous print and now does this:

I tried from cetus button, from PC with USB, unplug power…no changes.
any known fix ?

Thanks for your help.

swapped the Y cable to the X plug, it moved the issue to the X axis.
I reset the SD card to default, issue is still there.
could this be a logic board issue ?

Hey RBenoist, for me it seems like a logic board issue. Maybe you can find something similar on YouTube?

replaced the mainboard and CPU since there is no diagnostic tool to know if its one or the other.
Printer is back to normal and printing again. $160 repair.
I had to use the cpu utility to load the ROM on the cpu or it would not calibrate correctly out of the box.
I thought the new parts were DOA. They should put that info somewhere.