Infilline multiplyer

I wathed this video on youtube: Cura Infill Setting for Stronger 3D Prints using Less Plastic - YouTube
the guy is using infilline multiplyer to douple the infill thickness. He claims that he can save a lot of plastic with this method.
I would like to see this feature in upstudio 3…

So you want a Feature you know nothing about it except somebody claims he can save plastics with it
? :wink:
There is a Feature in Studio3 where you can change all line width. i dont know if you can change it , its greyd out until i select 0.05 layer height. but it also exists in studio2 in the Material editor.

perhaps its greyed out because its also from the material
found this:

Studio 2 Material editor


the video was very convincing. this idea makes sense from a physical point of view. The idea was to have multiple 0.5 rows of infil. not 1mm width row. you cant print 1mm infil width with a 0.4 nozzle.

yes you can print 1 mm width lines with a 0.4 nozzle, if the nozzle flat surface has at least 1mm diameter.
the specification for the e3d 0.4 nozzle is 1mm

i dont know the specs of the tiertime nozzle, but you could give it a try. because a single 1mm line has more strength than 2 0.5mm lines

You get the problems when you use a 0.1 or 0.2 nozzle, because normally the infill is only 1 line, but for the walls i can select multiple of them. so if there is no option for tiertime printers with very small nozzle sizes and the flat surface of the nozzle is big enough you wont need it.
edit: i saw you cant select multiple of wall lines, so with small nozzles you would need this for all line types of lines