In NEED of parts

I got a brand new Cetus2 Deluxe in the box and the filament spool holder missing, the X axis transition board was heavily damaged, X axis FFC cable was really bent, the Filament Monitor Module was missing and an entire bag of small parts missing. The sell was a small time private seller who sold it sealed and in the box for five hundred cash. Now this person normally deals in computers, so if I address them, they would only have to do what I have done so far. I have email the company on the missing parts telling them 3 times what is missing with photos. They tell me to return to seller, which would be useless since they will have to do the same as me. Then, when I became very frustrated, the Company responded with an effort to calm me by again wanting to know what was missing to get me parts in US, or China. So I again provide list and photos. They had me once again chase my tail by saying you did not buy it here, get ahold of seller. The seller would be doing the same thing I am doing! Fannie has dropped me like a HOT potato! All I WANT TO DO is build this brand new hot mess, and make it work! Some of the wires and things cannot be gotten at the online store, what can I do?