ID My Cetus Printer Model & Up Studio 3 vs. Wand 3D Print Manager

I am trying to get back to 3D printing after a couple of years. I purchased a Cetus printer at least two years ago and I think it was the only Cetus model at that time. And I had older software installed on another computer to use it. I no longer use that laptop. So I have downloaded the latest Windows software on my desktip, Windows 10 computer. But now there are multiple Cetus models. So I need to know which model to select in UP Studio 3. The choices there are Cetus, Cetus2, and Cetus H. The model number on my Cetus is 3DP-1B-4A. I am tempted to equate that with first choice, “Cetus”. Is that correct?

Second question: The download installed two programs: Up Studio 3 and Wand 3D Print Manager. What do each of these do? Which do I use to print a 3D model? Why two programs?

Thanks for any answers.