Huge over extrusion

HI, Just recently my cetus which is usually perfect, has started over extruding loads and means a cant print anything.

I dont have any way of fixing this

Hi Andrew, I have noticed a similar temporary effect with my ~ 1 month old Cetus Extended recently. I typically use a 0.6mm nozzle and 0.3-0.4mm layers for most of my prints. What I have noticed in the past week or so is that often after completing a print when starting a next print (usually sent over wifi from my laptop or i phone) the subsequent print can now often have the "huge over extrusion" you mention but on carefully watching it is in-fact printing every layer of the raft and first solid base layers of the model twice. I have not let any of these prints go to completion to check if all layers are printed twice as I usually just stop any print which is a dud in the first few layers. My temporary solution to this has been to stop the print, re-initialise the printer and then print again and usually it is then fine. It does not seem to happen every time and is somewhat random. I suspect this is some sort of slicing bug and it seems to occur in the latest versions of Cetus studio and Up studio software for me. I have not reverted back to a finer nozzle (eg standard 0.4mm) yet to check if the same problem presents. Hopefully this is just a software issue and can be easily sorted out by Jason and the Cetus team.

It happens every single time, ive ever reverted to earlier software releases and still have this problem