HOWTO: slic3r w/ Cetus3D

cmeyer 2017-4-5 02:41 edit

!!CAUTION!! Your chances of damaging something are greater when you run gcode. Don't run somebody else's gcode w/o knowing what you're doing, because the nozzle offset is part of the gcode, so you can scratch up your plate. For the same reason, you should always re-generate your gcode files when your offset changes.

Some of the settings I'm using (start/end g-code, extrusion multiplier) are based on S3D settings from here: 

Note: I haven't tried this, yet, but I suspect the Y axis will be mirrored because of the unusual coordinate system and at least in slic3r I didn't find a way to mirror the Y axis

slic3r setup:

- general printer settings Z offset: -180 (change this to 0 - (your nozzle offset), so in my case -182.5)

- general printer settings g-code flavor: RepRap (marlin/sprinter)

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.32.23 PM.png

- general printer settings bed shape: size 180x180, X origin 180, Y origin 0

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.31.53 PM.png

- custom g-code printer settings start g-code:

G28 X-2 Y2; home x y axes

G28 Z-2; home Z axis

M204 P1500 ; set acceleration

- custom g-code printer settings end g-code:

M109 ;switch off extruder

M191 ;switch off heated bed

G28 X-2 Y2; home axes

G28 Z-2; home Z

M2 ;end of program

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.32.37 PM.png

- extruder printer settings nozzle diameter: set to whatever you're using

- filament: set diameter to 1.75

- filament: set extrusion multiplier to 20 (this needs more tweaking)

- filament: set temperatures

I tried a calibration cube with these settings and it obviously needs more tuning, but looks like the basics are working.


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cmeyer 2017-4-4 13:45 edit

Looks like uoji has tuned his slic3r settings to produce acceptable results, so you may want to check those out here: 

I've also made several more changes to my setup:

- changed my start/end g-code to call G28 Z-2 before G28 X-2 Y2 so that the nozzle retracts away from the bed before performing horizontal movements for safety's sake (avoid scratching bed if something goes wrong)

- added M206 Z-182.5 (make sure this matches your nozzle height, not mine!) to my start g-code, this basically sets the nozzle height so that Z 0 is at bed level. As a consequence, the Z offset in the general machine settings needs to be changed from -182.5 to 0, otherwise you'll dig into your bed! The big advantage of this is that it makes the Z coordinates in the g-code easier to read and if your nozzle offset changes, you just change this one line in your g-code file and you can still re-use the g-code file.

I'm also experimenting with using M206 X-180 in my start g-code and removing the X-axis origin adjustment from slic3r's bed shape settings. This seems to work, but I have to go back and check if that ends up mirroring the object on the X axis.

With this, I should also be able to use Cura (couldn't seem to find origin adjustment settings there from what I remember), though like I mentioned I suspect I'll have to mirror objects before generating g-code so they end up printing the way they were intended.