How to get started with UP BOX+?


A local school has an UP BOX+ (and probably an UP MINI, but I’ll focus on the big one first). Due to staff turnover and other reasons the printer has been idle for… a while. I have been asked to help get it going again.

I have my own 3D printers and I am very familiar with the software and techniques, but UP BOX is a proprietary system which I am not familiar with.

The school staff say they’ve “lost the software”. All I can see is the UP BOX+ itself, power supply, USB cable, tangled reel of white ABS filament.

Could someone please explain to me (as if I was a hamster) how to get things going again? I can probably acquire a Mac or PC to drive the printer, and I don’t need help with CAD, just whatever is needed to slice an existing model and print it.

I have the serial number of the printer, but no licence key or any account information (if such things are needed). Basically, I have the printer, that’s it.

Yes, I could google all of this, but I don’t know what I don’t know, and it’s different enough to what I already have that I don’t want to make any assumptions.

Thank you for any pointers.

You only need to download Up Studio 3 to the computer that you are using to run it. I have an Up Box+ and use a windows laptop to run it. I transfer tsk files to it using Google drive. The wireless has not worked for a while, but usb is ok. There is no registration needed to use the printer. Tiertime has online help for the printer.

Thank you. I’ll get a PC or something, load up the software, and read the manual for setting up the printer itself. Now I have a way forward.

Thank you. Today we installed the software and the driver and everything worked! The printer has been lying around for several years getting no use, but now it’s up and running again.

There was only one wrinkle, and that was we have lost the card for setting the nozzle height. We used a piece of card, probably less than 0.5mm thick, and that seems to have been fine because the printer put down the first layer easily.

Next, dust off and recommission the UP MINI. It has seen better days, but might still work.