How to fix an intermittent X5 leveling probe?

Every once in a while the auto leveling probe on the TierTime x5 doesn’t pop out during the auto leveling calibration. As a result the printer nozzle touches the bed and an error message says, ‘nozzle height set too low’ and the printer stops calibrating and doesn’t print. We can turn off auto-calibration to make the print, although prefer auto-calibration turned on. Why does the printer do this? How can we solve this issue?

I haven’t seen this issue yet. I’d check to see if the range of motion isn’t hindered (it seems to be tapped into the 3d printed cover). Also check the small, flat wire connection to the top extruder circuit.

You may try disable the autolevel function on the touchscreen.

We replaced the whole print head arrangement. I believe the Thin Cable that connects to the Board on top is not suitable for the operations that the Print head goes through, especially with Maintenance on the Extruder.