How many sizes of allan (hex) keys do you need?

looks like I’ve got a bloackage in the hot end of my cetus 2 & the nozzle looks lik it needs to be replaced.

question iks how many differnt sized hex nuts did they use in the extruder assembly ? … i’m at the point now to remove to remove the bracket to finally get to the Y heat assembly and this is the 5th differnt sized nut in the block ! - and of course i’ve not got to go hunt for the key !

right … after about 5hours work - stripping the extruder right down and clearing all areas - including the feed system behind the motors (as some tiny bits filiment were there) - and putting it all back again (oops mounting bracket on the wrong way round - so take semi apart to turn that around ) - its prining a small test cube !

Lets hope it runs for a while now before somethng else needs to be “fixed” :upside_down_face: