Helpfull stuff to share

It was a bit confusing for me when the old forum didn’t work for me, before I realised that there is a new one.
I think that maybe it could be cool if there was a place where we can shade useful resources related with 3d printing.
Here’s what I can share, most of this is more suitable for beginners, but it’s beginners who usually are looking for information.
The Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing – 101 Questions Answered - the article is quite old but still has lots of usefull of basic info.
Selecting the right 3D scanners for successful 3D printing - A very specific article, but it was helpful in my case. There are cases when 3d scanning can dramatically speed up the workflow.
Thingiverse - repository of print ready models. I mostly us this one. It belongs to other 3d printer manufactures, so I’m not sura I can link there. Just google the name you’ll find it.

To be contunued.