Help with raft and first layer settings Cetus 1st gen MK3

Hi, haven’t been here in a while not sure if anyone still cares about the old Cetus printers. Getting back into 3d printing for some projects and have no money to ‘upgrade’ but have several old Cetus 1st gen printers that served me well in the past (2018-2020-ish).

I’m printing with rafts. Blah blah blah. Yes, yes, I know! Real men don’t use rafts. Rafts are for small children. Just level the bed and learn to not use raft. HOWEVER, these old printers have no heated bed, the most unlevel printing surfaces ever and I can’t afford to fiddle with tape and hairspray and glue and babysit and try a million times and go through nozzles and big blobs of melted plastic, I have to be able to leave the printer printing overnight and assume that if I don’t run out of filament something will print and my house will not burn down.

I used the old software on the print on the right (the simple one that came with printer ages ago, not the one with wands, cats, fishes and soda cans). Surface is decently ok and smooth to the touch. One might say it’s even… pleasant?

Decided to ‘upgrade’ as the computer was annoying me about it to the latest Up Studio with the Wand thing. I do appreciate the amount of extra settings, I do, it’s needed. But the first layer came out with those waves I’ve seen before, in the dark days. Same filament. Same printer. Same temperatures (Duramic PLA+ @ 230C which in real life goes to like 215-220C). Surface is horrible. Rough like sandpaper, just disgusting. Don’t even want to touch that. The image does not show the dramatic difference.

Questions: What parameters to adjust (and which way up or down) so the object prints like the one to the right (obviously the printer itself and the filament and the temps are capable to do it, as witnessed on the right so it’s all about software)?

Thank you very much for any help you can offer (other than “buy a better printer” or “don’t use rafts, rafts are stupid” etc.) PS. I like the little old Cetus.