Help Cetus3D won't communicate USB or WiFi


Looking for a bit of advice for an issue I have

Strange thing has happened to one of my Cetus 3d Standards.
I can’t connect to it by USB
The printer will initialise from the front switch OK

Using UP Studio 2 in the printer selection box the printer is intermittently discovered on WiFi but the name I had assigned to this printer has disappeared instead it displays the serial number on WiFi and nothing on USB.

On connecting to USB it gives this error.
Screenshot 2021-12-19 164410

It won’t connect to WiFi in Studio 2

Although I have Up Studio 3 I have not had time to learn it properly.
On connecting to it via WiFi on Wand in Studio 3 I can connect and it will intialise but it shows this in the printer.

As settings are disabled in the Studio3 Beta so I can’t access the printer this way either.

Everything still works OK on my other Cetus3D so Windows drivers etc seem to be OK

Can anyone help or is it looking like a new CPU?