Heater assembly replacement


UP Mini 1… my heater broke… so i’ve ordered a replacement heater which came today, but upon tightening the black heatsink against the motor, the heater assembly just falls through? Its as if i’m missing a spacer or something that sits against the motor face?

If i am missing it, is it possible to print replacement parts?

Thanks in advance


Hi Matt, you need the black spacer plate that goes behind the heatsink part to mount that properly. The last nozzle heater part should have had one in it before, check around for that.

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Thanks hopefully it’s not gone missing… Is it a 3d printed part or metal? Guessing its likely to be metal due to the heat :frowning: do you know what it looks like so I could replicate if gone missing? Sadly I stripped the extruder a month ago… Knew it was a mistake back then I should of waited until new part landed. Thanks again

It’s definitely not a printed part. It’s a small black plate that goes between the nozzle heater throat and the stepper motor.
I’m not sure what material it is, some kind of non-heat insulating material because it doesn’t feel like metal.

If you’ve lost it, that’s certainly a bit of a pain. Definitely try find it.
If you can’t, contact Tiertime or your local machine supplier.

Found it phew lol… Thanks for your help, much better with that spacer piece on :smile: