Heated Platform and printing in ABS

Has anyone bought the heated build plate and had a successful print yet?  I just installed it with no problems but I have yet to see a successful print.  I actually have not even seen the raft print correctly yet.

By the way:

This stuff is really potent as far as fumes compared to PLA so make sure if you try this to do so with sufficient fresh airflow.

Are you using the bare heated platform? You need to use a coated build platform. You can clip your existing platform on top or use any number of other options. But the bare heated platform will not provide adhesion.


I actually had no idea that I was supposed to put something on the heated platform.  I did think it was odd that PLA would not even stick much less ABS.  I appreciate the note and I will give it a try.

i have done this:
put on the heated bed with external 24 volt power supply, and buildtack sheet on it
excellent prints also with PC and ABS