Heated plate temperature

I’ve ordered a heated build plate for my Cetus and after installing it. It doesnt seem to work as intended. Sure it heats up. But no temp control. No feedback about the temps, nothing. In the UP studio software, next to the nozzle temp, there is an another temperature, but it shows constantly about room temperature. I’m guessing this should be the plate’s temp. In the maintenance menu, I can give any temp for the plate, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the temp. And I can’t choose any print board option, only the “Coated build plate”.

Is this normal or is my heated plate defective?

Also that heat insulation layer at the bottom makes terrible noises while sliding on the linear guide… and you cant even print on it, you need to coat it with something. I’m a bit disappointed, I wouldn’t recommend to purchase the heated plate as it is.

<p>I purchased my bed mid 2017 and I have had the same problem with the Cetus3d software and now with the UP software. </p><p>It works well enough but the material on the bed is not very good for adhesion. I use my own laser cut acrylic beds, I engrave them with a dot pattern or my company logo on them and then set the height to be almost touching the bed.</p><p>This makes the prints stick well, the heated bed softens the acrylic up a bit and allows for even better adhesion. </p><p>But yes this is the problem with beta testing on your customers, to this day there are a lot of things that are very terribly wrong with the Cetus printers.</p><p>The bed temp not working being one of the most annoying.</p>