Heated build plate

zarmath 2017-7-27 15:02 edit

I'm a bit confused about how the heated build plate is mounted and works on cetus3D

If a buy the heated build plate for my cetus 3d, I need something more? or just plug in into my printer and it works?

How can I connect the heated buid plate to my cetus?

Thanks in advance


Depends on what you want to use it for. What I got when I ordered the HBP:

- metal plate (had a white covering layer, but that doesn't provide adhesion)

- cable to connect to motherboard

To power the HBP, you have two options:

- use the supplied cable, heats the plate up to about 60 degrees celsius

- provide your own separately purchased external power supply, heats the plate up to 100 degrees celsius. You will need an external switch, the switch built into the plate does not toggle this part on/off.

Neither option provides any temperature control other than on/off. If you want temperature control, check out the custom add-ons from tinyfab.

You will still need to provide adhesion to successfully print with your heated build plate, the easiest option is to get slightly longer screws and sandwich your current build plate on top of the heated build plate.

Personally, I use glass floating on top of "gino pads" and coated with 2-3 coats of hair spray.

Official Instructions are here

A video of an installation can be found here

Thanks a lot for the responses

Is the external power supply 24v dc at 7 A or 24v dc at 0.7A ????? since it has a 7. A after it is that a typo or what??

7.0 Amps

.7A (700mA) wouldn't heat much...

I printed and read the instructions. Printing was difficult as it did not work unless I selected the "Simplify Page" box.

Question: If I use an external power supply, do I need to connect the ribbon cable to the printer's control board or can this be omitted. And is there any way to control the temperature in either case (internal or external power)?

The ribbon cable only supplies (a small) amount of power to the bed and can heat the plate to around 50 degrees Celsius.

If you use an external power supply you don't need the ribbon cable if the external power supply can the necessary Amps.

If you use the ribbon cable there is no way to control the temperature. If you use an external supply you could add an external circuitry to control the power supply. I was about to do that, but didn't finished it because I found that the "trick" mentioned by cmeyer (mounting the original plate on top of the heated plate) works for me - so far.

If you use an external supply, please note that the plate has a buitin thermistor to prevent overheating (around 100 degrees Celsius).