Heated build plate not working

Hi all

I finally got around to installing the heated build plate, and it's not working. Using the internal power, I'm assuming that it's supposed to be a straight on/off at the switch, no software control? My switch  doesn't illuminate, and the power led doesn't light up (or is that for external power only?) 

Any suggestions? 

The switch is for internal power and it lights up when in the on position and if internal power is on. No software temperature control, correct.

Are you trying this with the printer initialized? The internal power for heat only is on when the motors are engaged (axis can't be moved by hand).

If that's not it, are you sure the cable is seated properly on both ends with the blue facing up? You have to gently pull out on the black lever from both sides, seat, push black lever back in.

There's also some instructions in the news section on this website.

I think you have to initalise the Cetus before it will power up the bed and maybe you'll also have to initiate a print.

Definitely initialise the printer.

Got it going, the cable wasn't seated properly - I had tried a few times already, but looks like 5th time's the charm