Heated bed temperature

I finally got around to installing the heated print bed. The hardest part was figuring out how the ribbon cable connectors work. There's a black bar that you have to slide away from the connector. It only moves about a mm or two out from the connector. Then push the ribbon cable in with the copper traces toward the board. Then push the black bar back in to seat the cable. I have no idea how the ribbon cable is supposed to be routed. Right now it's just getting pushed around behind the printer as the bed moves. Either I'm missing something in how it should be routed or it's way longer than it needs to be.

Apparently you do need to turn on the red switch to get it to heat. I guess that should have been self evident but I wasn't sure if that was just there for an external power supply.

I'm running the Mac version of the Cetus software so this issue may not exist for Windows users. The bed temp icon at the top of the screen is now active but it never shows any change in temperature even though the bed is heating up. 

You're doing better than me, as I have installed it and the bed doesn't seem to change temperature.

@cyberhugger the temp shown at the top is ambient temperature, I believe. From what I can tell, the HBP does not have any heat sensing / control. As you've pointed out, it's just on/off with the switch on the side.

If you use external power, it remains heated as long as the external power is connect, so watch out for that!

@dlt do you have the copper connectors facing down on both ends? Meaning have the blue mark facing up on both ends? Also re-check that they're both seated properly. As @cyberhugger pointed out, you want to carefully pull back that black lever from both sides, seat it, push that lever back in.

You could always try an external power source, to see if the board works. But be careful, it can get very hot!!

Instructions from Cetus3D are here: https://www.cetus3d.com/news/?p=108 

Did you get the temperature to show on the heated bed yet? Mine Does not show temp. as well. It appears to function properly. By that I mean that the bed heats up and the switch on the side of the bed enables and disables the heater on the bed but the temperature does not change.


My understanding is that the heated bed isn't monitored by the system. Plug it in to the Cetus and it reaches a temp of about 60C. Add the external supply, and you're adding another heater and so the temperature increases - which is also not monitored by the Cetus.

The temperature sensor in the software shown for heatbed seems to be located on the mainboard. This makes no sense at all. An option would be to connect an external sensor to the board and readout by the software. I tried to locate the sensor on the board with no success so far.