Hanging loose wire - Where to put it?


can anyone tell me where to put this cable? It's not in the manual. Is it ground? Where should I connect it?




Hello, I do not have this cable on my Cetus


je n'ai pas ce cable sur ma Cetus

I have this wire too. Nothing mentioned about it in the manual. Did you ever figure out what it does? It seems to be shipping on the retail Cetus models and is absent from the Kickstarter models.

Yup, also wondering where to put that

I have fixed it to the nearest metal screw....

I didn't but anything so I hopw it's ok... :)

Jena67, you're braver than I am. There's no way I'd attached that to anything without knowing what it was attached to on the motherboard...

Can someone from Cetus tell us what this thing is supposed to be?

JasonWu 2017-3-16 22:29 edit


This is a ground wire. Since we had a number of report of extruder failure in the begining of fullfilment of kickstarter, and then found out it is the extruder stepper driver somehow fried and mainboard need to be replaced. Therefore we added this ground wire in later productions to direct the static charge away from the mainboard electronic.

As mentioned above, you can attach it to any metal screws on the print head.


Thanks Jason

Adding the wire is a good idea, but you guys have to get a bit better identifying visible production differences, and flagging them for the customers.

That communication needs to be (at a minimum) here and on your FB page. These printers should have had a note in the box as well.

You've made a great printer, but you do need to get a bit better on the communication side.


And uh, red and black for a ground wire?

I'm happy I've imagined that it was a ground wire! :)

Could someone please post a picture to see the other end of the red/black cable? Where is it connected to?

As I needed a replacement mainboard I would install a cable by myself as an upgrade and to prevent further damage from static charges...


I'm in the same boat as you. Have you figured out a solution? I'm assuming it goes back to the board. I was thinking probably one of the mounting screws but I don't want to lose my printer for a month again. I've contacted them to ask but they haven't gotten back yet.

Unfortunately not, I also think it should go to the mainboard's ground screws, but I would rather wait for Jason / Support to answer the question. Let me know if you will receive an answer.


Mine came with the cable and it's attached to a screw along with another ground cable near the power socket.

Thanks for the picture! Do you know where the other ground cable is screwed onto?

One ends at the extruder, but the other one?


I can't tell from the other pictures I took, sorry, and am not opening up the housing right now :)

My machine is one of the first produced so this grounding wire isn't there. Certainly easy enough to add, though.

It would be helpful to have details from Cetus on such changes that are easy DIY...:) In this case it's a grounding wire so that's easy enough.

I know I'll be adding one before I fire up my Cetus again.